Batteries as a Service for a sustainable approach to professional tool battery usage

We collect, repair and reuse lithium-ion tool batteries.
Our service contracts guarantee safe and reliable operations.


With U-Volt your batteries become


Ensure your technicians can rely on quality equipment without downtime and reduced efficiency.


Expert battery analysis and maintenance improves performance, reliability, longevity, and safety of the battery pack


We ensure that batteries are used optimally, expand their first life, and give them the 2nd and 3rd life they deserve.

Our Services


Lithium-ion batteries no longer working?
Give them a second chance at life.

  • We come and collect your tool batteries
  • We check if they can be repaired
  • You receive a quote


Professional monitoring and maintenance of lithium-ion tool battery packs.

  • You outsource your battery maintenance to us
  • We collect them on schedule
  • We service your batteries for 100% reliable availability

Batteries as a Service

Hassle-free, reliable availability of perfectly serviced batteries.

  • You rent the exact batteries you need
  • We exchange batteries regularly
  • You experience worry-free power with expert management and periodic replacements

Our Vision

Our aim is to advance sustainability by empowering professionals to use critical resources responsibly through clever engineering and a heart for service.

U-Volt directly helps customers with the following corporate social responsibility themes:

  • Visible and tangible promotion of circularity and the circular economy
  • Reduction of electronic waste
  • Reduction of CO2 and contribution to clean air by simplifying an accelerated transition to battery-powered tools
  • Collaboration with partners who employ employees who are at a distance from the labor market

U-Volt is proud to be selected for Start It @ KBC Cohort Fall 2023.

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We're changing the world, one battery at a time.
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